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Black Dog FAQ

Who owns Black Dog?
The owners are Pedro Heller and Mike Cochran.

Why is it called Black Dog?
At the time Black Dog Urbana opened, Mike and his wife, Kim, had two black rescue dogs: Oscar and Lola. At dog training, they learned that black dogs, like Oscar & Lola, were the last to be adopted from the shelters. They thought Black Dog seemed a friendly and welcoming name. They also thought it might call attention the black dogs waiting to be adopted in the shelters.
The Urbana location has been open since February of 2009. The Champaign location opened for carry-out in May 2015 and full service in September of 2015.

What business was the Urbana location before?
For 30 years previous the building was occupied by Tod & John’s Bar & Grill.

What was in the Champaign location?
The Champaign location used to be the original Illinois Central Train Depot, built-in 1899. It was last occupied by a storage & transfer company in the 1960s. Dr. William Youngerman bought it from the railroad in 1974. It was used for storage and the occasional band rehearsal space but remained mostly unused until Black Dog began work on the Train Depot in the spring of 2013.

Illinois Central Depot

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